Has music therapy education. In 2005 she graduated from a music school and in the following years she continued education in bioenergy therapy and healing with sound (2nd level of Reiki, 2nd level of deep-cell music therapy). She has participated in ceremonies and teachings of Quechua and Shipibo Conibo tranditions with shamans. She received from the elders her first name „Strong Joyful”. She was responsible for preparing individual diets in working with plants centres in Czech Republic and in Peru, Katari Center she was on a diet based on “Ajo Sacha” plant. She runs therapies with the use of tuning forks, C major, OT64 and minerals. During the ceremonies she acts as a caregiver and icaro singer, she plays ethnical instruments and tuning forks. She cooperates with doctors to run meetings dedicated to diagnosing the condition of people signing in to the centers. She draws up psychological profiles aiming at determining maturity and health condition of the patients. Currently she paints, composes music and makes Indian handcraft.



had first contact with healing songs in the 90’s. After graduating from university, he took up music therapy. The major in sound massage let him take up relaxation classes in several yoga centers in Poland. He has explored philosophies of work on mind and meditation in Benchen Monastery in Kathmandu. He has travelled to Peru to get to know traditions and healing methods of South American cultures (Shipibo, Yawanawa, Kaxinawa, Inka and Quechua). In the jungle he has been on traditional diets with potent plants called by local shamans as “plantas maestras”. During the ceremony he have received from the Shipibo elders, healer name – „Metsa Yoi”, which means „Nice Wonderful”. Since 2012 he has led hundreds of ceremonies in many countries (among others in the Maha Temple, Peru). He started recording musical transitions (icaros Shipibo and Kechua, mantras), which initiated the project “AyaCieKocham”, joined by a number of artists. The style of running the ceremonies is characterized by high attention to health and safety of the participants, as well as by great sense of space and brilliant icaro.

From Spanish “cures, heals”.

We create a safe space for self-healing and give tips how to awaken the inner doctor.

Our music is a healing vibration helping to find the inner harmony.

The website is devoted to people searching for the truth about themselves, regardless of sex, nationality or creed.

We don’t impose any philosophies or teachings but we encourage to find the wisdom in oneself.




Cura Sana – cures, heals. This album is the fruit of our longstanding work with plants from the Amazon jungle and journeys to the most remote corners of the globe. You will find here a combination of icaros, that is powerful, healing ceremonial songs: Wayraitiray Sunarai (Wind, come and purify), Vuela Vuela (Bird whisperer), Paro Keibakeash (the connection of the sky and earth), Aya Ceremony (health icaro), Todo Cura Todo Sana (all cures and heals), 4 elements (the four elements), Ayahuasca Mamay (a chant of gratitud for the medicine). We are joyful to give you this music, which comes straight from our hearts. May it heal, embrace and give consolation.