About us

Aya Medytacja

The team Aya Medytacja has been operating since 2012. The fundaments of our work are meditation and healing music. We connect the wisdom of ancient cultures and traditions from all over the world. During our journeys to Asia and South America, we have gathered a lot of experience and met many wonderful people.
In our team, there are also qualified doctors and specialists offering help in the areas of nutrition, psychology and law. Today we want to share everything we have for the good of all the beings.

email: curasana.pl@gmail.com

Dietary advice Agnieszka Gębusia

Agnieszka Gębusia is our specialist in diets and holistic treatment. She has a PhD at food and nutrition engineering. She is also a member of the Polish Institute of Hypnosis as a Hypnotherapy Master. Agnieszka links diet therapy to deep work with subconsciousness, where she often finds the roots of many symptoms.
Thus, we can always use Agnieszka’s professional help, especially when we need it for our own or our closest ones’ health.

email: gebusia.agnieszka@gmail.com
Tel: 881 381 448

Hypnotherapy Ela Strzyga

Our beloved Ela is a Certified Hypnotherapist – a Practitioner and Master of hypnosis in the Polish Institute of Hypnosis, a Member of Polish Institute of Hypnosis. She is also a therapist and trainer at the Psycho-oncology and Promotion of Health Fund „Ogród Nadziei” (The Garden of Hope).
As a propagator of healthy lifestyle, she runs the Personal Development Center (Ośrodek Rozwoju Osobistego) „Eko Winnica u Strzygi”. She organizes individual and group workshops, during which she helps people with low self-esteem, anxieties and phobias, as well as with communication problems and stress management.
In her therapy, she uses techniques of regression, Body Work, work with voice and Mindfulness training.

Telephone: 513-143-950
The Center is open 24/7.

The Legal Team

Our team also consists of qualified lawyers who can advise on all legal aspects. Consultations are run individually, via mail or phone all over the country. These specialists are very conscious people and, most importantly, our friends.

The cost of the consultation = around 100 PLN per hour.
email: jpodkanska@onet.pl

Water Spring Paweł Rozumek

Pawel has been promoting ecology and healthy life style for years. He specializes in Kambo and he also installs safe sources of alkaline water. Our brother installs and repairs filters which enable filtration and mineralization of water in our taps. It is especially helpful to people living in big cities, where water is polluted. Thanks to him, water in our tap contains high Ph thus it deacidifies and purifies organism of mucous. We don’t have to buy water in plastic bottles anymore because today we have much better water in our tap.

Tel. 518-683-397

Spontaneous dance/ movement Sławomir Gęściak

Sławek has been accompanying us in our meetings for years as a great therapist who can awaken the hidden potential in people by means of movement. Together with his wife, Ewa, they specialize in work with body in a spontaneous dance. This technique, along with music and proper guidance, allows to reach deep into our hidden emotions, release from tensions and find the inner harmony. They are beautiful people always ready to help.


Łukasz and Sabina Szyszka

Łukasz and Sabina are our long-standing friends. Łukasz is an experienced Nidra Yoga instructor, the guide to the sleep yoga, also known as yoga for the lazy ones, which consists in guiding the participants into a state of deep relaxation and conscious dreaming.
Sabina deals with preparing highly energetic, healthy meals for events organized in many countries. Sabina’s cuisine is medicine based on the Ayurveda philosophy and the five elements theory of Chinese cooking.
Our friends help us with passion and joy.
email: szyszkaluke@gmail.com

Phone: 575-615-546

Podróże mocy (The journeys of power)

Our dear friends Maciej Marczak and Łukasz MedMan Wieczorek have been organizing shamanic trips to the greatest places of power.
The journeys and meetings organized by them is adventure and healing through self-knowledge.
They base their journeys on the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, they also work with holy plants and ethnic instruments. It is a team with years of experience worth recommending.

Contact: podrozemocy.pl

Wibracja Miłości (Love Vibration)

Alek Sabuda and Asia Orłowska work with ethnic instruments, creating a perfect space for self-healing. Our friends have been organizing meetings in Warsaw for many years now. Their concerts are like relaxing baths in the tuneful beauty of pure sounds, enabling to find the inner peace and harmony. During such classes, often hidden emotions and even tears appear. The efficiency of this therapy attracts more and more people from all over Poland.


Ceremonies and healing concerts Herbert Quinteros

We’ve been friends with Herbert for many years and his healing music is pure medicine to us. Today he is recognized all over the world as a healer, shaman and a perfect artist. Although he comes from Peru, he travels a lot and occasionally also visits our regions.
We recommend him wholeheartedly!


Shamanica Medicina

Alicja and Bartek have been dealing with shamanism for years and running their business connected with healing with natural methods in Germany. On their website, the source of information on the subject of healing plants and practices connected to them increases daily. Alicja specializes in creating top quality Indian and ceremony handcraft.

Shamanica Medicina shop

Robert Noble’s Institute and sound therapy

Robert is one of the greatest specialists in lucid dreaming OOBE in Poland. Together with Eos Cris they run therapies based on the crystal bowls sound massage and shamanic instruments.
They organize healing concerts and Warszaty Mocy (The workshops of power) consisting in discovering the inner potential which is in each of us. They also run a shop with accessories for meditation and work with sound.

Farm of Happiness UK

Ari and Natalia organize shamanic workshops with Amazonian plants, connected with body work and many areas of artistic development in the south of Wales. The Farm of Happiness is a place of conscious development for many Poles living in the UK. Thanks to their work, also in Poland an Eco Village project is being created, which is based on the architecture of open source dome. This is an alternative to life in huge metropolitan areas. Their concept is a free society, which associates determined people of high ethical values, closely cooperating on many levels.

E-mail: farmaszczesciauk@gmail.com
www: http://www.ariowie.org.uk
Tel: 07535017777 Ari

Family Constellations Magłorzata Eisenberger

Małgosia is a neurolinguistics trainer and coach, a practitioner of the Theta Healing method® and Access Bars®. She has created her authorial program of building self-esteem. She has been running the constellations for years now, originally on the basis of the classical Hellinger’s technique, then in her own field of the person being worked with, with the use of their individual energetic record. She conducts group as well as individual sessions

Psychologist Izabela Jung

Izabela is a psychologist, clinical sexologist, trainer and coach. For over 10 years she has been helping Poles around the world by running therapy via Internet. Spiritual development and integration of psychedelic experiences are important in her daily work. She uses a variety of alternative methods of work, appreciating their depth, versatility and effectiveness; for instance: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), two-point method, chakra healing and many more. You can make an appointment and have it face to face, over the phone or via Skype.

email: psycholog@izabelajung.com
Fb: „psycholog na emigracji”, „integracja doswiadczeń psychodelicznych”
tel. +48 605 051 305

Email: curasana.pl@gmail.com